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The art of making a STICKY website... converting after SEO/PPC b

Even for the most seasoned online marketer, picking up one or two good pointers out of these reports can turn your lead conversion rate from a meager 2% to a profitable 10% or more.
There is no reason for them to be mutually exclusive exercises. Conducting SEO and PPC together can create certain positive synergies, for example - using PPC to test & measure certain keywords can help develop relevant keyword strategies for use in SEO.
The ultimate result of well practiced SEO and PPC marketing is the generation of excellent 'hot' leads for your business.
Now tell me, wouldn't it be nice to have web users that are ready to click 'BUY' when they come on to your website?
Exceptional online businesses are able to get at least 1 out of 3 visitors to 'take action' once they get on to their website. Part of their secret is conducting their SEO and/or PPC marketing very, very well - because this drives lots of targeted hot leads to their sites.
Another part of their success is down to making visitors STICK (i.e. stay) on their site longer, giving them reasons to come back and providing compelling calls to action for their visitors to act & follow through.
Research has shown that you have about 8 seconds to convince a new visitor to your site that you have something valuable to offer.
To ensure you website has more than 8 seconds 'in the sun', you need to follow 4 irrefutable principles to create a sticky and profitable site:
1. Speed is a no-brainer
Your site should load up quickly - for the modern discerning online surfer, there is no bigger turn-off than a slow loading site full of rich scripts and images. If your site is slow, choose a smart web designer or graphic artist to clean up the programming codes and reduce image sizes (shouldn't affect quality) on your site.
You can easily check whether your website codes are compliant by using W3C validation (if you are unsure of this process, reply email to Nettclicks and we'll contact you to give you a free run through).
2. Get to the point: cut down on the gloss and BS
Many sites are ambiguous - heavy on style, glossy and rambling content. Your visitor has already been pre-screened and targeted as a 'hot lead' - and he/she wants to know exactly what you do and what you are offering. If you are selling Engineering Software - state it clearly on the headline on every page and in your content. Don't glam it up to impress - you can certainly use good content to present credibility, but avoid BS.
3. Make it easy to navigate
A concise professional website that is easy to navigate and not full of confusing content/layout is important. Discerning visitors want to be able to move through your pages easily to know your business and products - they don't need flashing banners in every corner of every page, pop up reminders screaming at them, cluttered content and navigation bars that are hard to find. There are subtle ways to make your website professional and match your corporate style guide without compromising ease of navigation.
4. What are you offering? Is it compelling? Will users come back?
Is what you are offering compelling? Are you offering something at all? Are you presenting a sense of urgency if offering a limited deal? Are you presenting a case to your visitor that you are the best choice? Do you have something that will ensure your visitor sign up for a free sample, do a short/fun survey, join your compelling forum or come back to your blog? Is your content fresh and engaging enough for visitors to return for updates?
These are questions all worth asking - the key is NOT to do a hard sell (most visitors detest that) but a professional & subtle approach to make your visitor ACT - a compelling call to action that is easy to follow through (don't make them jump through hoops and spend 30mins filling out details!!).
A sticky website that follows these 4 positive principles will ensure that you improve your conversion rate and strike up a great relationship with your visitors.
This will make sure that your hard work on SEO and PPC efforts in bringing traffic is not wasted.
Nettclicks can give you an honest and professional opinion on how your website rates on stickiness.
Simply reply to this email with RATE MY SITE in the subject line and include a link to your site. cost of pay per click advertising
Nettclicks will then provide some concise pointers to any required improvement. At the same time, we can also perform a quick assessment of your SEO and/or PPC.
Don't hesitate to email or call us if you have any questions.
Good luck with your online marketing effort and resolve to keep striving for continual improvements!


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